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Opencart SEO, Google Pagerank and Internal Linking
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Autor:  kevinmanuel [ 02 Apr 2018, 14:29 ]
Subiectul mesajului:  Opencart SEO, Google Pagerank and Internal Linking


i've started looking into SEO for my shop and I just wanted to ask a question relating to Google Pagerank as seen with tools such as SEQQuake for Firefox.My Gift Shop has been live I guess about a year and it had a major rework last October. I'm running a customised have noticed that my homepage is Pagerank2, my Category Pages are Pagerank1 and my Product pages all have a pagerank of N/A. The N/A is the part that concerns me - especially as it's my product pages as i want these pages to start ranking.
I have asked various people about this and get mixed messages. One person informed me that as my product pages use Canonical links so i will never get Pagerank! A number of other people suggested that I ignore my pagerank stats..Hope somebody in the know can advise me what I can do to improve my sites seo and ranking.

Please help.

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